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Bob Matros

Engineer, Producer, Composer and Songwriter
Bob Matros

     Bob Matros has been a touring musician for 20 years, appearing on over a dozen albums, producing three albums, written hundreds of musical pieces, and working as both a studio and live sound engineer.
     He has worked in both film and theatre, assisting with indie producers such as Rod Webber and Alex Archimbaud, and produced music for radio commercials and TV pilots.
     Bob is not only a life long video gamer, but has worked in the industry with Sony(SOE) and Irrational Games, as well as several indie studios like Dark Skull and Hardy Tales.

Talents include :

  • Guitar, bass, keys, drums and percussion in various styles.
  • Played upright bass in a string ensemble in NYC, and a Jazz big band in Pennsylvania,
  • Studied composition, commercial jingles and arranging, as well as music production and engineering at the Berklee College of Music.
  • Touring musician and session player: metal, punk, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, country, blues, bluegrass, funk , classical and many international styles like Middle Eastern, Celtic, and traditional African music.
  • Voice Actor for film shorts and animation, wide dynamic range, natural low rich voice with the abiltiy to do various character voices

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